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witness for the prosecution in the george zimmerman murder trial, painting a vivid picture of the violence suffered just moments before the shooting that killed trayvon martin, and he said that one person was on top of the other, and that he could see the colors of their clothing. >> the color of clothing on top, what could you see? >> it was dark. >> how about the color of clothing at the bottom? >> i believe it was a light white or red color. >> so that means the teenager, trayvon martin, wearing that dark clothing, he would have been on top of the neighborhood watchman, zimmerman. but that eye witness still casts some doubt over at least one claim the defendant used to justify self-defense. >> did you ever see the person on top slamming the person on the bottom's head on the concrete over and over and over? >> no. >> did you see at any time the person on top grab the person on the bottom's head and slam it to the concrete? >> no. >> they may prove to be somewhat important because george zimmerman says he pulled the trigger after trayvon martin repeatedly rammed his head into the concret
't, at that moment, take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> the no, sir could be interpreted as she didn't know that, but denying what west is saying. >> in the testimony, there were a lot of questions about race. how did that play out? >> well, you negotiation race has been a key factor in this story from the beginning. that's what took it from a local tragedy into a national debate. today, what don west was trying to say is look, it has been george zimmerman portrayed as a racist. the shoe is on the other foot and pointing in the direction of trayvon martin. listen. >> what did he tell you that made you think it was a racial event? >> the person watching -- keep watching and following you. i used to be stalked from that person. >> what is one thing about what trayvon martin told you that made you think it was racial? >> describing the person. >> what? >> describing the person that was watching and following him, sir. >> he described him as a creepy ass cracker? >> yes. >> it was racial, but it was because trayvon martin put race in this? >> no. >> you don't t
tonight's lead, opening statements in the george zimmerman murder trial. 16 months after the death of trayvon martin, a jury in a criminal trial finally heard evidence about what happened on that rainy night in sanford, florida. it was a dramatic and emotional day in court. the jury heard testimony from four eyewitnesses. four witnesses, ending just moments ago. they were not eyewitnesses. let me correct myself. they were witnesses. the day started with an opening statement from prosecutor john guy that caught many by surprise. he quoted george zimmerman's own words, including profanity during a call to police the night of trayvon martin's death. he quoted zimmerman to lay out the prosecution's case. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. and excuse my language, but those were his words, not mine. [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that defendant's head just moments before h
, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> reporter: he was watching from his patio about 15 to 20 feet away. zimmerman that night was wearing a red and blackjack et, martin a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> the color of clothing on top, what could you see? >> it was dark. >> okay. how about the color of clothing on the bottom. >> i believe it was white or red color. >> reporter: that's not all good says she saw. he witnessed physical blows being thrown and mix the marshall arts. >> what you saw was the person on top in an mma style straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> that was further described, was it not, as being ground and pound? >> correct. >> reporter: good also testified about one more key question, that voice screaming for help in the darkness he believes belonged to zimmerman. >> the voice screaming for help however many times that you heard it, it was just one person's joyce? >> when i heard it outside? i believe it was just one person's voice, yes. >> and you now believe that that was george zimmerman's voice, correct? >> i never said that. >> do you believe -
>>> good evening, welcome to self defense or murder, in depth look at the george zimmerman trial. every night, all this week, we are going to be recapping what happened in the florida courtroom, break it down with some of the greatest legal minds. this is a controversial, racially charged case, we will bring extended moments from the court proceedings so you can decide for yourself what really happened that terrible night in sanford, florida. george zimmerman is accused of second degree murder. he was a neighborhood watch captain when he shot martin. he doesn't deny pulling the trigger. the case hinges on why he shot the african-american teenager. zimmerman says it was self defense. the jury of six women will decide the case. the trial began today in dramatic fashion, an f bomb, knock knock joke, and then apology for the knock knock joke. you'll hear it all momentarily. first, david mattingly brings us up to the minute. >> police fire and medical. >> i heard a shot behind my house. >> shock, confusion, fear, you hear it in the voice of every 911 caller in the final moments of tra
with the george zimmerman trial starts right now. >>> good evening. welcome to our special continuing coverage. self-defense or murder, the george zimmerman trial. every night this week, we'll be digging deeper with the best legal team around and frequently with the principals in the case themselves. tonight, powerful emotion at testimony about trayvon martin's final moments and a legal battle over the 911 tapes. from six months before the 911 tapes that were recorded before the shooting, recordings the state believes will speak to george zimmerman's state of mind to his unjustified suspicion, they say, of trayvon martin. first, the latest on everything that happened today from martin savidge who joins us now. what new evidence did we hear today in the courtroom? >> reporter: it was photographs, anderson. i've seen all the photographs in this case, but i had not seen these before. these were photographs of the body of trayvon martin laying on the ground. i don't care who you are, they have a strong impact to see a young person you know lying lifeless on the ground. so clearly it would impact t
to turn away from. the george zimmerman trial is in recess. we'll bring it to you live once they return from lunch. they're getting back to business inside that courtroom. you're watching cnn news room. i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. george zimmerman trial set to resume any minute now. they broke for lunch more than an hour ago. jurors have been listening to a fifth day of dramatic testimony. the last witness offered different account from previous witnesses about what happened the night zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. george is howell outside the court in sanford florida. jane velez-mitchell is joining us from new york. george, zimmerman's neighbor, george good, he's a state witness but he corroborates zimmerman's story he was being pummelled in that fight. tell us about the testimony that occurred today. we don't have george. maybe jane can brief us. are you there? >> i am. jonathan good is good for george zimmerman because he corroborates his story. he says he heard a tussle, goes outside and the person he describes as being on the bottom fits the description i
attributed to george zimmerman. sometimes she left out the racial remarks that trayvon martin made of zimmerman. it went back and forth like that. and other times it seemed like it became less about the testimony and more about a test of wills. take a listen. >> so the last thing you heard was some kind of noise, like something hitting somebody? >> trayvon got hit. >> you don't know that, do you? >> no. >> you don't know that trayvon got hit. >> he -- >> you don't know that trayvon at that moment take his fist and drive it into george zimmerman's face, do you? >> no, sir. >> reporter: the no sir could be interpreted is that she's denying what don west is saying. it went back and forth. >> her testimony today, there were a lot of questions and clarifying about race. how did that play out? >> reporter: well, you know, race, of course, has been a key factor in this story ever since the beginning. in fact, many say that's what took it from a local tragedy and propelled it to a national debate. but today what don west was trying to say is look, it's been george zimmerman that's been por
turning point in the george zimmerman murder trial. witness after witness takes the jury back to the night trayvon martin was killed and who some are calling a major blow to the prosecution, a neighbor told the prosecution about two men struggling to the ground. >> going back to when they were vertical, i could tell the person on the bottom had a light erskined color. >> defense attorney mark o'mara then kneeled down to demonstrate the tussle between zimmerman and martin. >> the person on the top was back against where? >> it was the same person that was on top whether they were t shaped to the sidewalk. >> so they did not -- >> colors. >> i'm sorry sorks th, they did change positions, did that? >> a lot to get to tonight involving star witness rachel jeantel, the high school classmate joins me in a moment for an exclusive interview. this is "piers morgan live." >>> martin, dramatic day today and if to date we felt that perhaps the state was beginning to win the argument, today very much a better day you would say for the defense? >> reporter: absolutely and ironically, piers, the witnesse
happened during and immediately after trayvon martin's deadly encounter with george zimmerman. one neighbor saw their struggle up close and provided testimony. was zimmerman or martin the aggress aggressor. i'll speak with trayvon martin's stepmother. she says she lost a child she raised, the young man she calls not just a stepson but a son. >> i'm the one that took him to the football games. i'm the one that was there when he was sick. >> we'll hear more from her shortly. first, martin savidge. >> reporter: what jonathan good saw the night trayvon martin died goes to the heart of the zimmerman case. >> that night that you saw the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> and he was the one who was raining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> reporter: good lives in the subdivision where the shooting took place. he was watching from his patio about 15 to 20 feet away. zimmerman that night was wearing a red and blackjack et. market, a dark hooded sweatshirt. >> the color of clothing on top wh
the courtroom in the murder trial of george zimmerman, accused of murdering trayvon martin, an unarmed teen-ager. the jury is being escorted out right now and the attorneys are speaking with the judge in a private side bar. so we're going to review the very interesting developments today. the murder trial has brought a renewed focus to issues of race, racial profile, self-defense and captivated the country, not just because of what we know but for all the things we don't know and possibly never will. prosecutors are out to shatter claims that zimmerman killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in self-defense but the state's case today took a bizarre turn when one witness was asked to give testimony that seemed to back up some of zimmerman's claims. john goode lives in the subdivision where the confrontation took place. he's one of the few people who actually saw some of what went down. here's some of his testimony where he seems to imply he saw trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman. >> in terms of describing the individuals, are you able to describe their faces or anything or just clothing des
volunteer george zimmerman. george zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for shooting trevon martin. lawyers for both sides tried to capture the jury's attention. >> good morning. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: harsh words from the prosecution to start off the trial of george zimmerman. >> these [ bleep ] always get away. >> a knock knock joke from the defense. >> knock knock, who is there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right. good. you are on the jury. >> reporter: george zimmerman a former community watch volunteer is accused of killing trevon martin. george zimmerman claims the shooting was in self-defense. the prosecutor pointed a different picture -- painted a different picture. >> he pressed that gun into trevon martin's chest. and you will see with your own eyes the burn marks on each of his sweat shirts. where the hot led went through. he shot him because he wanted to. >> reporter: at one point his father began crying as the prosecution detailed on how officers tried to save his son's life. pictures support george zimmerman's claims. >> suggesting that george zimmerma
>>> good evening, everyone. welcome to our special continuing coverage of the george zimmerman trial. tonight, a big ruling and high drama in the courtroom. the prosecution putting their star witness on the stand, a female friend who was on the phone with him as the fatal confrontation began. from the initial questioning to the cross-examination ran the gamete. we're going show a lot of it tonight to you. a warning as well as. some of the language was harsh in the courtroom. so if you would rather not hear it, we'll tell you when to turn the volume down. here's randi kaye's report. >> reporter: rachel jeantel and trayvon martin were old friends, and contrary to reports, they were only friends. >> you weren't in any way his girlfriend? >> no. >> reporter: the two reconnected just weeks before trayvon martin's death. on the night he died from the other end of the phone line, she was, in a sense, within earshot of the tragedy as it unfolded. that's why she's the state's star witness, the only one they think who can tell trayvon's side of the story. >> what was he complaining about
attorney either don west or mark o'mara on behalf of george zimmerman are going to hammer her hard on why she made this up. of course they will try to persuade the jury that, well, if she made up this about not attending trayvon martin her good friend's funeral, how can you believe these other aspects? taking a listen to another sound byte from the prosecutor successfully getting this witness, the star witness, to really establish that trayvon martin was being pursued by george zimmerman. take a listen. >> i asked him where he at. he told me he at the back of his dad fiancee house, the area where his daddy fiancee house, by his daddy fiancee house. i said, oh you better keep running. he said, na, he lost them. >> certainly not the most effective witness as far as cool, calm and collected on the stand. hof, she did -- however, she did deliver making the points that the prosecutor wanted her to. that is that trayvon martin is on the phone with his girlfriend down in miami telling her there is a guy following me over and over again. then of course she testified that she hears the call droppe
's lead, the grueling cross-examination of trayvon martin's friend. day 14 in george zimmerman's murder trial, the defense finally wrapped up its questioning of rachel jeantel, the 19-year-old who was on the phone with trayvon martin moments before he was killed. this cross-examination lasted five hours over two days. also today, testimony from the neighbor who made the 911 call, where loud screaming can be heard, and then a gunshot. jurors heard her account of that scream. and today another witness testified she saw george zimmerman on top of trayvon martin after the altercation. she is the third witness to say so. but for most of the day, rachel jeantel faced questions from the zimmerman defense team. and they tried to undermine her story. the defense repeatedly raised questions about her version of events, but she did not waiver from her testimony that trayvon martin did not confront george zimmerman. >> he said why are you following me for, didn't he? >> no, sir, not that kind of way, sir. >> it was just a question, hey, mister, why are you following me for? >> he say hey, mister, w
of george zimmerman. the young woman trayvon martin was speaking with on the phone moments before he was killed. joining us now, msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. you've been listening to rachel testify. has she proven to be a credible witness so far, or has the admitted lie that she was not actually at the funeral and the reasons why she was not at the funeral undone her somewhat? >> she's certainly credible so far, but it's only been her direct examination. the proof will come in the cross-examination. she tells a story very different from george zimmerman's story. that's why she's on the stand. she says she's on the phone with trayvon martin in those final moments before his confrontation with george zimmerman. she said george zimmerman -- i'm sorry, that trayvon martin used a couple racial epithets in reference to george zimmerman. this is the first time i've ever heard that. she said trayvon martin said he was being followed, that he was concerned about it. she heard the phone dropping. she heard the sound of wet grass. the last thing she heard from trayvon martin was, get off, ge
. was george zimmerman fed up, as prosecutors say, with punks getting away with crime? or was the killing in self defense? the case ended its second day today. we turn to my new "nightline" co-anchor, dan abrams. >> state versus george zimmerman. >> reporter: in a sanford, florida, courtroom, a jury of six women listened to the second day of testimony in the trial of george zimmerman, accused of murdering 17-year-old trayvon martin as he walked home from a 7-eleven. >> did you see any movement from trayvon martin's body as you approached him? >> no, sir, i did not. >> reporter: pictures of trayvon martin and the infamous hoodie that he was wearing were shown in court today, it was almost too much for his mother. george zimmerman, who has been staying in hiding, gained over 100 pounds. the 29-year-old became a divisive symbol of racism. it all started when martin was walking in a gated community where his father was staying, having purchased a drink and skittles. it was there that he captured the attention of george zimmerman, neighborhood watchman, who called police. >> this guy looks lik
, the larger man, meaning george zimmerman was on top. today you have john good testifying he thinks that it was george zimmerman on the bottom. it a wash? >> no, it's not. what i don't understand is don't people realize that during the wrestling, they could have switched positions? why isn't this being brought out? and i think it's a reasonable explanation for the differing statements. >> right. and kendall, that is a good point, because john good testified he saw only about ten seconds of the fight that was taking place. and so you do have these sort of cancelling one another out questions about who was on top. but why would the prosecution call a witness in the case of mr. good, who seems to be backing up the defense's contention that zimmerman was the one on the bottom of the struggle, at least at a certain point? >> well, the prosecution knew this witness was going to be testifying. they obviously knew it wasn't going to be helpful for them. they very wisely put him in their case kind of in the middle of it so that he doesn't become the critical show piece part of the defense ca
the shooting death of trayvon martin? in court today, one of george zimmerman's neighbors, john good, said he heard what sounded like a fight that night and stepped outside his town house to see what was going on. what he saw, according to the neighbor, was what appeared to be zimmerman lying on his back with trayvon martin straddling and punching him. he used a mixed martial arts term, ground and pound, to describe what martin was doing. good also testified there was a call for help, likely from the man at the bottom who he believed was zimmerman. now that was different from the testimony we heard from another neighbor yesterday who thought it was zimmerman who was on top. joining us now, arise legal contributor seema, joseph haynes davis, former federal prosecutor kendall coffey and defense attorney dana swickle. let's get into this question of who was on top. seema, yesterday we had testimony from a neighbor who they played back her very tearful 911 call. and she testified she thought the bigger man, the larger man, meaning george zimmerman was on top. today you have john good testifying h
at the george zimmerman/trayvon martin murder trial. >> the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct? >> correct. >> as a key witness takes the stand, we will have complete courtroom analysis. >> anybody who tries to inject race into it is wrong. >> laura: after trayvon martin's friend uses racially charged language on the witness stand the martin family lawyer suddenly claims race is not a factor in the case, but it wasn't always that way. >> he was executed for wwb, nagc. walking while black in a gated community. >> we have a debate. >> if there is someone saw what i worked for and they had wanted it. >> laura: paula deen's cookbooks are flying off the shelves as her fans race to her defense. is this the beginning of a come back for the star chef? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. racial tensions in the trayvon martin trial that the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you probably heard testimony of rachel jeantel who was on the phone with him right bef
. >>> and this is the way the trial of george zimmerman, the man accused of the second-degree murder of trayvon martin started this morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. >> more on day one of the trial, coming up. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers. >>> the nation was waiting today on four big, huge decisions by the supreme court that will affect civil rights and social equality across every state in this land. from institutions of higher learning, to our most intimate partnerships. and of these four cases, we got one decision. which means we have to wait until at least tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., to find out whether the defense of marriage act is constitutional, whether the core, the pillar of our civil rights architecture and self-governance will survive.
, they feel like their son is being put on trial as opposed to george zimmerman. so i think that you can understand that. here we have a kid who was walking home from the store, talking to a friend on the phone, and people are wondering if he did something wrong because he was shot and through the heart with a hollow point bullet. i think you can understand their feelings. it's hard -- >> no, absolutely. it's heart breaking for any parent to have to go through this yet again the way they had to for the most of the last year or so. in terms of the way the legal case is playing out and in particular the evidence of rachel jeantel, are you feeling quite confident that you've established now from everything that we've seen and heard in the first few days certainly a clear indication that it looks like george zimmerman was following trayvon martin and that could be significant? >> yes, i think that it's been clear. we've had, you know, witnesses talk about that but we didn't need witnesses for that. we heard george zimmerman say he was following trayvon martin by his own words. that's clear.
this afternoon? >> yes, sir. >> judge, if you can raise -- is george zimmerman the person who stood up? >> yes, sir. >> let the record reflect he's identified the defendant. >> the record will so reflect. >> did you have interaction with the witness? >> no, sir. >> why not? >> i was focused on the male that was on the ground. >> and the male that was on the ground, did you later learn the person's name to be trayvon martin? >> that's correct. >> did you go over to trayvon martin's location? >> i walked toward, yes. >> and how was trayvon martin's body positioned when you arrived? >> facedown, his hands were underneath the body. >> and to your knowledge, were you the first officer to approach trayvon martin? >> yes. >> all right. did you know whether or not he was dead or alive at that point? >> i did not. >> did you know what his involvement was at that point? >> i did not. >> did you give him any commands, trayvon martin? >> yes, i did. >> what command did you give him? >> i asked to see his hands. >> where were his hands when you asked to see them? >> undermanaged in him. >> he -- underneath
the shocking start to opening statements in the george zimmerman second-degree murder trial. prosecutor john guy opened with frank and profane language about the night trayvon martin was killed. the state's lead attorney quoted what he says george zimmerman said to police during his nonemergency call before the shooting. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ], they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth. >> defense attorney don west began by saying the evidence will show it's a sad case, but sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. he then started off with a joke. >> knock, knock. who's there? george zimmerman. george zimmerman who? all right, good, you're on the jury. nothing? that's funny. after what you folks have been through the last two or three weeks, let's get on to however this serious of business of why we're here. >> the judge began the day with ruling that some members of the families would have ho leave the courtroom because they're potential witnesses. joining me live from sanford is msnbc's craig melvin. i'm curious what the reaction has been so f
murder trial of george zimmerman, the second witness saying the voice heard screaming for help at the scene was trayvon martin's. one of the voices was his girlfriend who he was talking to right before he was killed. >>> and in washington today, history was once again written by the supreme court of the united states. >> an historic morning at the supreme court. >> the supreme court has just struck down the federal defense of marriage act. >>> california's ban, on recognizing same-sex marriage is dead. >> now, once again legal in the state of california. >> i feel jubilation, i feel fabulous. >> celebrations from the steps of the supreme court. has there been a bigger day for gay rights? >> a confrontation between gays and police at a bar called the stonewall inn. >> there is a law that says gay people can't be married. >> there is a law. >> every right to live a perverted life-style. >> president clinton has signed the bill that bans the government from recognizing same-sex marriages. >> victory for two who challenged the law that made sexual contact illegal between members of
starts. >>> a dramatic day in the george zimmerman trial. what witnesses say it they saw the night that trayvon martin died. and then private jets and large salaries and staffs. we're talking about top generals in the united states military. >>> plus alec baldwin loses his cool again. why did he rant against a reporter? let's go out front. >>> and good evening, everyone, out front on this friday night, george zimmerman defense gets a boost. so eyewitnesses testified about the night that trayvon martin was killed. and their testimony at least as you were listening to it through the day seems to support zimmerman testimony that he was attacked. >> where did you notice the blood. >> on his nostrils, streaming down both sides of his lips i believe. >> in terms of describing the individuals, are you able to describe their faces or anything? or just clothing descriptions. >> well, going back to when they were vertical, i could tell the person on the bottom had a lighter skin color. >> zimmerman admitted to shooting trayvon martin, but he says it was in self-defense. we saw two witnesses
're continuing our live coverage of the george zimmerman trial in the death of tray von martin. rachel jontell is on the stand. let's go back to it now. >> so this is -- >> i didn't want to see somebody cry. you wouldn't want to see people crime. >> of course. >> i'm not an emotional person. >> you knew then, when you had the meeting, it would be a tough one for her. >> yeah, i was the last one to even talk to her son. >> of course. you knew she would be very interested to know. >> and emotional. >> -- and emotional, because there were a lot more questions than answers at that point in the case. right? >> yes. >> so you wound up doing that, am i correct? that you met with ms. fulton? was that on march 19th? >> yes. >> did you tell her generally what you knew about the event? >> i told her a little bit. i just -- when i saw her i gave her the letter, and she didn't even open the letter. she just asked what happened. she wanted to know what happened that night. i had told her that tray von talked to me that night. >> were you trying to make it easy forehad to understand? >> yes. >> and she opene
thanks. >>> the george zimmerman murder trial will resume on monday. we're expecting jurors to start hearing from george zimmerman in tapes like this one where he told his side of the story to police. all this week we heard from witnesses who saw and heard what happened. >> it's fascinating testimony. like zimmerman's neighbor, that man, who said it looked like a mixed martial arts fight with zimmerman taking a beating. he actually witnessed the fight between martin and zimmerman. >> what you saw was the person on top in an mma-style straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> that was further described, was it not, as being ground and pound? >> correct. >> right? what is ground and pound as you -- >> that's usually what takes place in that type of position. >> explain what ground and pound is in your mind. >> the person on top being able to punch the person on the bottom, but the person on the bottom also has a chance to get out or punch the person on top. it's back and forth. >> sure. and which is the dominant position? >> it would be the top position. >> cnn's legal correspondent j
on top of george zimmerman only moments before he heard the fatal gunshot. but he wasn't 100% sure if punches were being thrown or who was yelling for help. another eyewitness described mr. zimmerman as, quote, calm and coherent just moments after the altercation. and a physician's assistant testified george zimmerman did not need sutures, and that he was taking mma classes several times a week. but it was the testimony of neighbor john good that began this 15th day of the trial. the jury heard the 911 call he made the night of trayvon martin's death. >> can you hear somebody yelling for help? >> um, i'm pretty sure the guy is out here. >> okay, we have several people calling in also. anything else that you heard? >> no. the guy yelling help. oh my god. no, there is a guy with a flashlight in the backyard now. >> okay. >> i think there is flashlights and there is a guy. i don't know if that's a cop. oh my god. >> john good testified about the altercation that took place right outside his home, saying he could see who was on top in those critical moments before george zimmerman fire
testimony approximate the night george zimmerman shot trayvon martin. so we'll get you up to speed on the trial that attracted more and more attention each and every day. we had opening statements and the prosecution argued that zimmerman profiled and murdered trayvon martin. and zimmerman's lawyer claims it was all self defense and slammed later for a courtroom attempt at a homer. and day two, lawyers argued over the admissibility of the police calls he made months before the shooting and they were admitted. and a police official wo worked with zimmerman also testified on day two, and we came to day three. the woman who called 911 and the star witness, the woman on the phone with trayvon martin immediately before the confrontation between the teen and zimmerman. her testimony was compelling if not consistent. and martin when she spoke to him on the phone appeared to be scared and talked about being followed. day four, that same friend returned to the witness stand and challenged by the defense about the inconsistencies and she was rather formal and different rachel that we saw. to
in the george zimmerman trial. joining us is seem ma ire, joseph hanes and kendall coffey. seemma, i want to talk about what we've been hearing. lind zeal follow gate who examined george zimmerman the day after the shooting seems to be -- she's called by the prosecution but she is definitely not going all the way in the prosecution's direction but she did testify when she saw george zimmerman, she only saul two small lacerations. what's the significance of that for the prosecution? >> for the prosecution, they're trying to point out which i think was successful on redirect that there was no neurological injury, that she did not order additional tests. and when she told mr. zimmerman if you see these signs then you go need to get additional tests, that wasn't done either. bernie did a great job of rehabilitating her. >> joseph, the significance of george zimmerman not going to the hospital on the night of the shooting. he did sign a waiver. but he did go the next day. is that at all significant for prosecution or defense. >> i think it's significant for the prosecution because the prosecut
death of trayvon martin, testimony begins today at the trial of george zimmerman. the prosecution is delivering opening statements right now. john guy shocked the courtroom with a vivid description of the night martin was killed. >> [ bleep ] punks. these [ bleep ]. they always get away. those were the words in that grown man's mouth as he followed in the dark a 17-year-old boy who he didn't know. and excuse my language. but those were his words. not mine. >> zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. he has pled not guilty claiming self-defense. msnbc's craig melvin joins me live from outside the courthouse in sanford. i have to say, craig, if the prosecutor wanted to get our attention and more particularly that of those six women on the jury, he certainly accomplished that. >> yeah, he certainly did, chris. and john guy still going right now. he's about 30 minutes into that opening statement. throughout much of the opening statement, john guy as he has been recounting the last hours and minutes of 17-year-old trayvon
of george zimmerman in florida and this will be a case worthy of our attention. >>> and game six of the stanley cup finals goes down to the final minute and a flurry of dramatic goals. this is way too early. >>> my bruins, they're done. so sad. good morning, everybody. i'm brian shactman. it is tuesday, june 25th. and we want to start you you off with breaking news from afghanistan. the taliban launching a suicide attack on the presidential palace, a place believed to be one of the safest in the war-torn country. afghan and u.s. forces exchanged gunfire with taliban fighters who infiltrated the palace grounds as reporters gathered for a news event. president karzai was expected to attend a press conference there later in the morning. a taliban spokesman said they were also targeting cia assets. we're joined now by duncan who was at the palace gate when the attack happened and watched a lot of this play out. duncan, first of all, how close were you and give us a sense of what you saw. >> reporter: good morning, brian. we were very close. we were at the gates to the palace at the p
economies. >>> jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in the trial of george zimmerman accused of murdering of teenager trayvon martin. there seems to be unfinished business that could impact the outcome of this case. it involves whose voice can be heard screaming for help on a 911 call, george zimmerman or trayvon martin. >> reporter: for the last three days -- >> in order to run the test, i had to double up the actual screams. >> reporter: prosecutors and lawyers for george zimmerman have sparred over voice analysis. >> the screams don't match at all. that's what tells me that, okay, it's not george zimmerman. >> that recording isn't even remotely suitable for comparison purposes. >> reporter: the central question -- exactly who is yelling in a 911 call while george zimmerman and 17-year-old trayvon martin engaged in a physical struggle before martin was shot and killed in february of last year. >> is he yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your name and phone number? >> you just heard gunshots? >> yes. >> how sfm. >> just one. >> reporter: rather than delay monday's scheduled start of jury s
. >>> todo está listo para el inicio del juicio de george zimmerman . >>> el caso de la doctora gonzález en texas, acusada de querer asesinar a su amante, pioniendo anticongelante en el café, así comenzamos la edición nocturna. >>> este es su noticiero univisión edición nocturna con ilia calderón y enrique acevedo ♪. >>> hola, ¿qué tal?, muy buenas noches, se espera que mañana se escriba una nueva página en la historia política de los estados unidos cuando el senado comience el debate de la reforma migratoria pero el camino tiene muchos obstáculos antes de llegar a una aprobación, congresistas republicanos dicen que irán contra el proyecto. >>> en solo horas el senado votará el debate en plano que será crucial para 11 millones de inmigrantes indocumentados, el proyecto que reforma migratoria fue redactado por el grupo bipartidista de 8 senadores y fue aprobado por el comité judicial, pero mañana comenzará el debate por la participación de todos los senadores. >>> pero se anticipan más de 300 enmiendas, muchas de ellas tendrán la intención de torpedear el proyecto. >
because of plea trial publicity. >>> they delivered opening, a. s -- arguments for george zimmerman and as you can expect the two sides are giving two different explanations. >> reporter: george zimmerman sat before eight women and men in the murder case against him. the question the jurors will tackle is george zimmerman a murderer or did he act in self- defense when he shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin. it has been more than a year since he reported somebody suspicious since he reported the call to authorities. police say george zimmerman ignored instructions pursued a vie london -- violent confrontation. the prosecution laid out their reason for why he pursued him. they gave expert testimony on who was screaming for help during the 911 call and that will not be allowed. he admits he killed trayvon martin but tried to protect his own life and the prosecution harshly disputes this. >> at that time he was walking up right preparing to tell law enforcement why it was he had just profiled, followed and murdered an unarmed teenager. >> reporter: george zimmerman gave little re
>>> more testimony in the george zimmerman trial. a neighbor describes the fight he saw and heard the night that trayvon martin was killed. >>> president obama at the moment on his way to south africa as nelson mandela clings to life. he said he will let the family decide about any hospital visits. >>> my exclusive interview with former president jimmy carter. >>> welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> it's been a fifth day of dramatic testimony. i think we'll be using that word a lot as days go by. we're talking about george zimmerman's murder trial. >> there's a witness, a neighbor, who saw the fatal fight and offered a detail account of what he saw and what he heard the night zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. >> that witness was one of the people who called 911. george howell is outside the court in sanford, florida. george, this is a state witness, isn't it? he clearly supports zimmerman's story that he was the one being pummelled in that fight. tell us about it. >> good day. absolutely. john good, his system very important for the defense because he i
in the george zimmerman murder trial starts tomorrow morning. so far, 22 witnesses have been called. the state's key witness was 19-year-old rachel jintel, on the phone with trayvon martin moments before he was shot. george zimmerman is charged with the second-degree murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin. zimmerman has pled not guilty saying he acted in self-defense. karen desoto is a former prosecutor, and kendall. kendall, there was conflicting testimony about who was the aggressor in the altercation between martin and zimmerman. here are two witnesses who testified in court, first as a neighbor jonathan good, the second selma moore who spoke to a translator. let's listen to this and talk about it on the other side. >> let's go to the night that you saw, the person who you now know to be trayvon martin was on top, correct. >> correct. >> he was the one who was raining blows down on the person on the bottom, george zimmerman, right? >> that's what it looked like. >> when the man on top got up and started walking around, could you see the man on the bottom, or the person on the bottom better? >
florida versus george zimmerman. what you are watching right now is the prosecutor in this case. he has stood up for a second time this morning to examine the witness who is on the stand. this is what you call an eyewitness, folks. there have been several who have taken that stand in this case so far. this one gives an account that perhaps this prosecutor would prefer not to showcase. but you take your witnesses the ways you get them. that's how it operates. this is the kind of witness this prosecutor has to try the best he can to make sounds like he could be a prosecution witness instead of the defense witness. so far, not much luck. this is redirect. let's listen. >>. >> all right. identification, it's marked for identification purposes. >> i see it, yes, thank you. >> may i approach the witness, your honor? >> yes, you may. >> this is marked for identification purposes 25. >> this should be 2-s. >> i apologize, just read it. and' if you used the words in there. ye yes. >> i don't know if that's what's going on. >> i don't know if it's impeachment or recollection. >> okay. >> i'll wit
providing crucial testimony for the 6 female jurors who will eventually determine george zimmerman's fate. joining me now is cnn's martin savage and an attorney will join me from california in a little bit on this. martin, you have been inside of this courtroom. you have been there all week. what's the one defining moment that is going to stand out for the jurors, you believe? >> reporter: well, you know, i'm not sure yet that we have reached one defining moment. there's been a number of interesting moments, certainly the testimony that we heard from rachel jeantel captured a lot of people's attention. many diverse opinions of how well she did and when people began to closely follow this and following it on television and elsewhere. there's been a noted uptick in the national interest in this story. when it began, people weren't necessarily following that closely. they are now. and then after that, we had friday. friday was a fascinating day because you had key witnesses there. key witnesses and what i mean is their testimony spoke to the heart of this case. what did they see? who did the
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